Anthem & Prayer

The Ethiopian Anthem Verse 1 Ethiopia the Land of our Fathers, the land where our God loves to be As the swift bee to hive sudden gathers, thy children are gathered to thee With our Green, Gold and Red floating over us, with our Emperor to shield us from wrong With our God and our future before us, we hail thee with shout and with song CHORUS God bless our Negus, Negus I who keeps Ethiopia free To advance with truth and right To advance with love and light With righteousness leading We haste to our God and King Humanity’s pleading One God for us all Verse 2 O eternal thou God of the ages, grant unto us sons that lead Thy wisdom is given to our ages, when Israel was sore in need Thy voice through the dim past has spoken, Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands By thee shall all barriers be broken, and Zion bless our dear motherland Chorus   Verse 3 Ethiopia the tyrants are falling, who smote thee upon thy knees Thy children are lustily calling, from over the distant seas Jehovah the great one has heard us, he has noted our sighs and our tears With the spirit of love he has strirred us, to be one all through the coming years   Chorus  

Ethiopian prayer

Princes and Princesses shall come out of Egypt Ethiopians shall forth their hands unto God Oh thou Divine Majesty, thy spirit came into our hearts to dwell in the path of righteousness Help us to forgive, that we may be forgiven, Teach us love and loyalty on earth as it is in Zion Endowed us with thy wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do thy will Thy blessings to us, that the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the age protected, the sick nourished, and the infants cared for. Deliver us from the hands of our enemies, so that we will prove fruitful and faithful in this day, until the last days when our enemies are passed away and decayed, the in depth of the sea, the depth earth, in the belly of the beast, or in the lake of fire, Give us a place in thy kingdom.]]>