reportsChartered Local Compliance Check List The following is a notice on standards of GOOD WORKING ORDER set out by the office of the International Organizer; in accordance with the Constitution and by-laws of The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated August 25th 1937. Also to be used in the process of accrediting active constituent locals of the above named organization eligible to vote at Convention.

1. Twelve x Monthly Treasurer reports showing amount in bank at the end of each month at the top and income for the month listed below and out goings listed below with total, which should match the bank balance. (See example attached)

2. Twelve x Monthly Financial Secretary reports showing a list of income collected throughout the month ending. (See example attached)

3. Four x Quarterly Auditing reports including copies of bank statements.

The Auditing committee shall examine the Treasurer’s books, ensure all ledgers match the cashbook total and the amount on bank statements. They shall examine the vouchers/receipts given by the Treasurer to the Financial Secretary on receipt of monies and ensure they match.

They shall check the Executive committee minutes book and ensure all spending of the Treasurer is authorised (All the above report points 1, 2, 3 should be presented to the membership of the local monthly and copies signed by the respective officers Treasurer /Financial Secretary and Auditing committee, sent to the head quarters)

4. Twelve x Monthly list of financial members

5. List of names and contact details of all members registered, copies of application form and photograph to be submitted to the headquarters.

6. Times and place (full address) of regular meetings.

7. Submitted updated list of names and addresses of officers elected in the first 2 weeks of December. Where the election is not held on time a written communication should be sent by post.

8. Updated list of active members Committees and Units should be submitted 4 weeks after the election of the President and Executive committee.

9. Twelve x monthly list of financial dues collected to be submitted to the headquarters

10. No illegal activity should be conducted that is liable to bring the organization’s good name into disrepute.

11. The group should be legally identified as of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated

Obadiah Robinson International Organizer April 2009 ………………………………………………………………………

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