clay-1 Convention 2008: Hailed a success[/caption]

The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated Convention for 2008 took place in Shashamane, Ethiopia from 15th to 21st July 2008.

The Locals present were London (Local 3); Shashamane (Local 14); Milwaukee (Local 20); Bronx (Local 27); Birmingham (Local 111); Paris and Toulouse. There were two delegates from Local 3, two delegates from Local 111 and one delegate from Local 14. As well as the observers present, a number of members in the USA took part via teleconferencing. Trevor Clarke was Chair, Pauline Anderson was the Parliamentarian and Malieka Robinson was Convention Secretary. Officiating Committees included Programmes, Resolution, Nominations, Credential and Standing Rules. Outgoing officer reports were presented by the International President (Emma Young); Executive Secretary (Lawrence Davies); 2nd Vice President (Pauline Anderson); International Organiser (Ivory Black). Malieka Robinson presented the Convention Arrangements Report. An NGO report was presented by Brother Moody (EWF Inc Country Representative) and a Shashamane Land Grant report which was presented by Solomon Wolf. All reports were followed by a Question & Answer session. A total of twelve resolutions were passed.
  • The elected Executive Council for 2008-09 were as follows:
  • President – Barrymore Tittle (Local 27)
  • 1st Vice President – Emma Young (Local 27)
  • 2nd Vice President – Trevor Clarke (Local 111)
  • Executive Secretary – Pauline Anderson (Local 3)
  • Int Organiser – Obadiah Robinson (Local 111)
  • Treasurer – Joan Henry (Local 12)
  • International Chaplain – Edna Revenell (Local 2)
  • Elected O cers = Gerald Small (Local 3); Ivory
  • Black (Local 20) and Dawit Hunter (Local 14)
All elected officers present were sworn in during which a number of persons from the local community were in attendance. It was agreed that the absent elected President, International Chaplain and International Treasurer would be sworn in at a later date in the USA. Convention receipts totalled 1181 Birrs. It was agreed that the next Convention would take place in Shashamane, Ethiopian during July 2009. All members that were present gave full and heartfelt thanks to members in Ethiopia for their hospitality during the Convention. It goes without saying that all members of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated give thanks unto the Most High, H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I for the vision that established the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated and without whom nothing would be possible.
“We the Black peoples of the World, in order to effect Unity, Solidarity, Liberty, Freedom and Self-determination to secure Justice and maintain the Integrity of Ethiopia, which is our divine heritage, do hereby establish and ordain this Constitution for the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated.”