MosaicOf ancient manuscripts containing the history and culture of AXUM – Ethiopia, we can refer you to 1000 manuscripts in the Bibliotheca National in Paris, France. There are over 900 manuscripts in the Vatican and Italy. The Magdala Collection of manuscripts, looted from Magdala by the British Army on 13 April 1868, is the current subject of another campaign. On this subject the British Government states “Only the Ethiopian Government can claim…” We are advised the Ethiopian Federal Presidency have this matter under consideration, current valuation of 3 Billion Sterling is under audit. The focus of this paper is the American collection of AXUM manuscripts, 400 in number taken at the time of the German 1906 expedition to Axum. Today with the new realities of life, we give thanks to the American Public and Congress, for funding our “Discovering Ras Tafari Exhibition at the Smithsonian” and this window to explore in full the 400 AXUM manuscripts, in America today.

Between 1910 – 15 under the general Title Publications of the Princeton Expedition to Abyssinia five volumes were published, also in 1913 a four volume report Deutsche Axum Expedition report was published. The expedition was sponsored by the German Kaiser, its leader was Dr Enno Littmann, the architect Daniel Kreneker, and Theodore Von Lupke and Dr Kaschke, medical advisor.. This team documented the Tomb of Za Besi Bazen, the Ethiopian King who visited the birth of Jessus Christos, Za Besi Bazen, was in the 8th year of his reign when Christos was born.
The original report has never been fully Translated from the German. Cultural Americans think of the Roots TV series and how that informed a whole generation, it has become a classic today. Now think of King Za Besi Bazen or even Kaleb the movie, I would just request we do not go to the Queen of Sheba and the time of King Solomon, rather go to the time of NOAH, when Axum was already established. Our records show that King ORI, who was the grandson of Adam founded Axum , 22 Kings were crowned before the flood. Axum was a victim of the flood and remained ruined for over 500 years. The records now in America can show light on our common heritage.
After the end of the flood the son’s of Noah, Shem, Japheth, and Ham divided the Kingdom, Axumand Ethiopia became the proton of Ham. Ham had four sons; these were Kush, Miera, Fath and Kenean. Kush had a son named “SABA” In 2788 BC Saba, son of Kush; His Throne Name was Ethiopis I. The ascendants of Kush, from Saba Ethiopis to King Peori twenty five Kings ruled in Axum, for this the Kebra Negast is the Authority.
During the reign of King Peori an Indian King name Rama invaded Ethiopia, the sons of Shem made alliance with their Blood brothers Kush, Ethiopians fought against the invaders, a combined force of Ethiopians a culture brought to reality by the 21st century movie makers Ethiopian has defeated Rama. After the war, Aknahos reigned making Axum his Capital City the Kings who succeeded “Aknohaos” were also from the tribe of Yoktan; ruled Ethiopia and its surrounding included Yemen for many years.
The next famous Axumite-King was Ethipois II, who was the grandson of Aknahos. The King had five sons named Lak ndu, Sa ba No ba belew and Kelew. The sons had made a mutual division of administrating the entire land of the country Ethiopia. In this division, Lakundu became the head ruler of the entire land of Ethiopia making his gate at Axum. Others: Saba Nobia, Axum and the whole land of Tigray. This division of administration that was sharing of authority remained in practice until the time of Muzye who was descended from Aknaho’s family.
The Government of Axum have survived from the creation of the world to even this present day, the purpose of this paper is to research the 400 Axumite manuscripts in America and to chronicle the rise of the African Governmental institutions. This way forward can lead to an advance in the policies of the Rt Hon Marcus Garvey for a single African Government, Currency, Army and civil defence institutions, an Office of the President, Executive and Legislative branches of Government. Reggae Zema Hewalt, the purpose is to provide a translation service from the original GEEZ kwa n kwa, into chants we can all overs, for example the Jamaican national anthem, “Eternal father bless our land, guide us with thy mighty hand” have been incorporated into the base Amharic Fidel, all the Fidel can be chanted inside the Jamaican Anthem, this is the  rst Bridge. The popular chant “Let the powers fall on InI” is used for the counting of the base numbers.
The Nyahbinghi chant, “Ras Tafari knows what this gathering is for”, is utilized for Abatachin Hoy prayer. When U read, U bible read U version one that Haile Selassie I give to us inna 1961, is a Hewalt, stands on its own statement.
The Astamari of all Ethiopian music is the Kedus Yared, I propose a Yared Studio in Axum to record Kedus Yared Chants and provide the essential background knowledge for the larger movie’s project, Reggae music is the vehicle to explore the Ethiopian manuscripts on one parallel, movies combined with music can give life to the Axumite culture, a Single African Governmental Authority, Axum 7000 Years. Report by Ras Seymour Mclean Office of the Chaplain EWF Inc Local 3, London ]]>