This is a very important Report adopted by the Executive Council of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated October 2010 with a decision that it is in the publics interest that this document be made public. For the avoidance of doubt the organisation was incorporated August 25th 1937 is governed by a Constitution and By-laws. Article 5 Locals Section 1 (a) First unit of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated, in the City of New York shall be known as Local number one (note the word known as). (b) The duly elected officers of Local Number One shall be the International officers, except the President until a Convention is called and International officers are duly elected. Section 2 (a) The right to issue charters shall be vested in the Executive Council. (b) The right to revoke charters is vested in the Executive. Note (Article 5 only defines the first unit and relates it to Local number one, international officers and the Executive Council). Findings 1. The establishment of Locals (with 25 members) is an entirely different Article number 6. 2. Article 3 establishes International officers who are elected annually. 3. The executive Council and Head quarters, International officers plus any other staff are all defined as the 1st Unit known as Local Number One in Article 5. 4. The head quarters of other membership organisations such as the Nation of Islam are identified as Local Number One. 5. Operating out of the headquarters could be the International Banking committee, staff including specialist members in areas such as media, fundraisers, office assistants; etc. 6. Loose members individually or small groups need to be attached to the headquarters as units until they develop or don’t develop into locals. Attaching them to Local number one EIN number would enable them to operate actively, pay dues and be accountable. Extra findings 1. Email discussion between Ambrose Taggassa King and other party; 12 October 2010 he states quote” In 1992 I had the responsibility of signing a letter to the IRS from the EWF International HQ requesting a new EIN for local number one, removing the EIN and GEN from local number one and re assign them to the International HQ. To which the IRS complied with an apology for any inconvenience. 2. The above is interesting as it suggest how things were set up prior to any revitalisation of the headquarters; Taggassa without any understanding or authority as there was no International officers or Council at that time arbitrarily and fraudulently made these changes. Recommendations 1. We adhere to previous decisions of the Executive Council and also legal advice from our attorney Kyesha Brookes and Parliamentarian Attorney Robert Simms. 2. An EIN number for the first unit of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated; Local Number One immediately be attached to the headquarters. Please all be notified following legal advice that from henceforth an EIN number will be permanently attached for the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated; Local Number One to the headquarters officially recognised by the relevant US government agencies. Download a copy of this report > Back to Council Notices…………………..]]>