DEC 17, 2017  00:00am  to DEC 31, 2017 10:59 NYtime

ONLY TO EWF MEMBERS The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated

Local Number One First Unit

The Nominations Committee was appointed by the Board on the 19th November 2017; Section 46 page 433 Roberts Rules of Order 11th Edition. There are 5 Members on the Committee – Brother Courtney, Brother Marcus, Brother Jahman, Sister Marie and Sister Yawah The Nominations Committee have met three times Thursday the 23rd November, Saturday 25th November, and Wednesday 29th November 2017 with the aim of ‘selecting persons who are able to carry out the duties of the International Offices to the best of their abilities’ Fruitful discussion have taken place  by the Committee with regards to current International  Officers and those who have been nominated – this included looking at their current and past history within the Federation, their understanding of the ethos,  their skill base, logistics (where live) etc., Nominations committee recommended the following candidates for the election December 17th 2017
Office Name Summary
President  Vacant Duty is solely to focus on the membership and duties of Local Number One no International operation
1st vice President Semilla Thompson aka – Sensi New York, NY USA Long standing member located Brooklyn New York previous years 1st vice President has good working knowledge of legal matters
2nd vice President Lawrence Davis New York, NY USA Business experience previous Bronx member/officer, located New York state regular attendee at business meeting good understanding of Ethos
Treasurer Barrymore Tittle aka – Ras Mora Upper Darby, PA USA Previous long standing officer including International President based in Philadelphia previous Treasurer of DARC
Executive Secretary Revere James aka – Ras Jahman Philadelphia, PA USA Long standing previous member based in Philadelphia high degree of technical skills around systems,  IT and online professionally and personally
Financial Secretary Still open for nominations
Organizer Lloyd Robinson aka – Obadiah Birmingham, England UK Long standing previous member /officer from Birmingham previous Organizer good knowledge of membership
Chaplain Courtney Nelson aka – Jah Ras Jamaica, W.I. Based in St Ann’s originally located in Florida previous Chaplain and long standing member
Executive member Devon Hayden aka – Ras Judah D Birmingham, England UK Long standing previous member/officer based in Birmingham previous Executive member high degree of technical skills around systems,  IT and online professionally and personally
Executive member Ras Idonis Tafari New York, NY USA Long standing previous member/officer in New York advisor to 1st vice President last year good understanding of legal matters
Executive member Lenzie Lawrence aka – Doctor Putna Jamaica, W.I. Long standing previous member/officer located in St Ann’s Jamaica previous local President Herbal doctor and expert