Member of iMobie team as well as an Apple fan, love to help more users solve various types of iOS & Android related issues. It will scan your phone to show you root status as below. What’s more, as a complete Android solution, you can get into a locked Huawei without a password, restore Huawei from Google account, fix Huawei not connecting to PC, etc.

Read about all the exciting things you can do with Overleaf in our LaTeX guides. There are thousands of Templates in our template gallery, so it’s really easy to get started, whether you’re writing a journal article, thesis, CV or something else. Voilà helps communicate insights by transforming notebooks into secure, stand-alone web applications that you can customize and share.

This is the most versatile and beginner-friendly code editor application used by many software developers and tech professionals. If you’re just learning how to create code, you should definitely try this application. It is very versatile in looking at all types of files and it has many programming language syntax highlighters built in. It also supports many plugins that can make tedious tasks very simple. Some of my favourites are Compare , NppFTP and JSON Viewer .

Tip 2. Restore Deleted Files with Huawei HiSuite App

Review your options before finding a method that you’re familiar with. Also consider backing up your files using a cloud-based service. I commonly swap Word file and other documents and email content between my PC and Mac at work.

  • If you can find the notepad file easily from the scan results, you can check it and Pause/Stop the scan.
  • Unlike the Hook app for Mac, for instance, you can’t connect to a specific email, or a certain document.
  • Extensions in Notepad++ are typically downloaded from the website in zip format, where you unzip the DLL to the correct folder in the Notepad++ directory.
  • You can choose to even pause this process in case you receive a lot of data.

It is a lightweight text and script editor that, along with many other spectacular features, comes with a dark theme. If you do not like text editors like Vim and Emacs, Visual Studio Code is a perfect alternative. Sublime Text features a Python Application Programming Interface and allows multiple languages. Furthermore, the software’s capabilities can be enhanced with the aid of plugins, which are often developed by communities and offered via free software licenses.

Notepad++ Font Color

The name ‘Hex’ comes from hexadecimal which is a numerical format for representing binary data. A Hex Editor is a program which lets you analyze, view and edit the hexadecimal coded files. This can be also used for editing the game saved state file and changing the changeable feature in the game.

As a regular reader you may have noticed that recently we have been publishing a lot of in-depth reviews of code editors. We first started off with Atom, then moved on to Sublime Text and Adobe Brackets. Notepad++ is an open-source code editor that is free to use. The replace option has an extended feature where you can make use of ‘/n’ etc.