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Navigate to the location of the Merlin file and choose to open it.Now double-click on the firmware file or select it, and click Open. It’s easy to extract the firmware file from a ZIP folder. Note the router’s model number in the file name.In my case, I dragged and dropped the file onto a folder called “Merlin” on my Windows computer’s desktop area. The point is you need to remember where you put this firmware file. You can restore a router using a setting backup file of either firmware.

However, this is just a replacement service, as AirPods batteries cannot be removed. Open the “Settings” app, tap the “Profile Downloaded” option from the top, and choose the “Install” option to install the profile on your device. Enter your device passcode to authenticate. Should your AirPods aren’t updated after you complete the above steps, you can repeat them again.

  • Like BIOS, UEFI is installed at the time of manufacturing and runs the first when a computer is turned on.
  • Please make sure you upgrade into a right firmware version.
  • It seems like its taking way too long https://bio.klwebs.com/will-flashing-firmware-delete-data/, but I don’t know what it should be doing.
  • Please download the latest camera firmware first, after updating successful a notice will pop up.

IDE setting emulates now-obsolete PATA drives. To take advantage of hot-swapping and Native Command Queuing to improve performance, select AHCI. Use RAID when the drive will be used as part of a RAID array. Enable when physical security settings are needed, but be sure to record the password in a secure place.

For example, Buffalo sells routers with DD-WRT pre-installed, and some VPN providers even sell routers with open firmware installed and their VPN set up and ready to go. Finally, if you’re still stuck, or you don’t know whether a particular firmware will do what you want it to do, do some digging. Like we mentioned, many of these projects have forums for users to discuss the project and troubleshoot one anothers’ issues.


With the second-generation AirPods Pro, the battery was rapidly depleting and the charging case would display in the iOS and iPadOS widget as having no battery life. We are hoping that this update will address this issue. Today, Apple released its latest beta firmware update for the entire lineup of the current AirPods models.

If it has then you can close the web admin update window. No the Olympus are special, you can’t just download the updater files. I had the same problem the first time I tried. In the end I gave up and disconnected the camera .

[Wireless Router] How to update the firmware of your router to the latest version via ASUS Router App?

This will also be reflected in the Linux Grand Unified Bootloader boot manager as grub-efi, rather than grub-pc for BIOS. Another potential drawback is UEFI’s reliance on the FAT file format, which is maintained by the OS. Larger drive partitions can add too much system overhead, thus defeating some of the performance advantages.

MPC standalone hardware with WIFI functionality or MPC standalone hardware with a wired internet connection . Connect the MPC to a Power Source -All MPCs should be connected to a stable power source during the update. The MPC Live will not be able to be updated while running on battery power.