The dealmaking process can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially as relationships with buyers go through various stages. However, it doesn’t need to be tedious and inefficient thanks to Wrk’s exclusive automation platform you can leverage automated processes that allow you to nurture these relationships while maintaining the effectiveness of the automations that you have already set up.

You can, for example create an automated trigger when a deal changes from Lead to Open Deal status in your pipeline. This will create a new task with the following information Title: Enter a custom task title. Provide a brief description of the task to be completed. Assignee: Select the person who you wish to assign this task. Due date: Select the date or duration to determine the date that this task should be completed. Message to send – Include an email address in the message or create a text box to compose it. The message will be sent out to the person assigned to the task. Add a Deal token to the message to include specific details according to the property of the deal.

Delivering presentations is another common usage of automation. Dealmakers spend much time organizing and delivering these, which can be difficult and tedious. Automating can speed up the process by allowing computers to automatically gather data from public sources to present a more personalised and personal overview of the business to each potential buyer. This can reduce time, increase efficiency and increase results.