BREAKING NEWS CERTIFICATION FAILED ATTEMPT All members and public be notified that an attempt to certify an election; was made by a separate company Ethiopian World Federation Local Number One Incorporated  1996. The above company along with others attempted to gain from the New York State Supreme Court; Certification for a meeting disguised as the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated 1937 Convention 2009 held in New York. Part of the plan was to employ a court certified Parliamentarian who was expected to validate an election. An order has now been issued by Hon Judge Bruce Balter April 6th 2010; in line with what has been previously stated by the Executive Council the said individuals found the situation was not as simple as they had first thought. The Judge was not willing to grant certification.   The attempt failed because processes were not up to standard and even the Parliamentarian could not give a full endorsement to procedures. This was an attempt by a group to fraudulently hold themselves out as Local Number One of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated 1937 which was and always will be easy to refute. All member/groups wishing to operate according to the Constitution and by – laws of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated telephone our contact number and leave your details, Full blessings More information to be published soon! Back to Executive Council Notices…………………..]]>