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nycGreeting & Blessed Love Biruk Fiqir. I give Thanks & Praise to Greet each and everyone in the Name of His & Her Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1st & Empress Wiozero Menen I For Iver. On 28th November 2008 in Bronx New York at the Sundial Health Facility where the International Council met in person and by conference call, I, Deborah E Walters (Local No. 13) was a Witness to this Historical Meeting where 9 of 10 Officers met to carry out their duties, the first time since the Officers returned forward from Ethiopia for Annual Convention of The EWF Inc. The Officers have challenges up ahead to overcome with the Grace of Higher Levels seen & unseen, Blessings be bestowed upon them in this Journey. The Meeting forward straight and very Harmonious to the Points. Lots of plans are to be announced by the Council to the Locals. Now is the Time for I & I within our Locals to Strengthen ourselves for Unity is Strength with the Constitution & By Law as our Guide.

The First two Strongs in December ones should have had or still be in the Process of your Annual General Meetings as a Functioning Local to be recognized by contacting the International Council International Executive Secretary Wolete Gabreal.
I give thanks and Praises to have had the Chance to see how the World is Really coming together as One Universal Love. Till Next time, remember The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated For Iver. Organize & Centralize now REPATRIATION NOW! Blessed Love Empress Deborah E Walters, Local 13 (Connecticut) Back to Council………………….]]>