ja-flagFrom the Office of the International Organiser I arrived at Montego Bay airport 18.15 on November 29th 2008 to be received by the International President and International Chaplain and resided at an address identified by the Chaplain for the remainder of the visit. We met with 19 members of the Montego Bay Local No. 32 and approximately the same number at the St Ann’s/Ochi Rios Local No. 17 also Bro Seaton along with Bro Gad (NY) representing Kingston Local No. 43.

Issues of procedure were discussed such as balloting, also lack of communication, previously the inability of delegates to travel to Conventions due to visa restrictions in the USA and Europe.
Also discussed were problems with registration as a Jamaican Limited company causing taxes to be levied. We discussed the land grant model city concept, complaints about monies previously sent to New York which, were unaccounted for and which has led to some members refusing to pay dues because of constant breakdowns in New York. The meetings went really well and members were very Federation focused. The Chaplain discussed the mental and spiritual problems in the organisation also focusing on a lack of females. I also focused on the Juvenile and Women’s Auxiliary Units.
The President and Chaplain returned to both Locals where up to 70 members were present. Officers also conducted a radio interview with Ras Iov in Westmoreland. The Chaplain also visited Kingston again with up to 15 members present and the President kept a meeting at Gregory Park Portmore/Kingston after I left.
During the visit contact was also made with Ras Menelik (Pepe Judah) and Earl Chinna Smith Melchezidek who raised the issue of immigration and Jamaicans and EWF role for Black People. Tony Rebel, Mutabaruka and Mykal Rose also took part in discussions. Submitted by Ras Obadiah Robinson International Organiser]]>