case-updateGreetings and salutations to all members of The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated. As we as black people find ourselves depending solely upon the almighty for guidance and protection from all hurt, harm or danger, firstly we must look within, before we look without. Many of the problems that we suffer; are simply because we have not taken note from our past and therefore the future looks very bleak, because we refuse to look at the present and take charge of our actions and deeds.

Let us use the next three to four weeks before our local elections to pay close attention to all details of our constitution and bylaws. We need to set a better example for the future generations.
We are facing the same crossroads now as we have for many decades, only now there are fewer solutions than before. We really need to be able to depend on each other for simple responsibility and accountability for we all say and do. Let us move toward have clean constitutional local elections and putting officers in that with faith strength and a just cause, that will do the right thing for the black people of the world. We cannot start to handle problems outside of ourselves until face the ones that we ourselves are responsible for. We are looking forward for better ways to work collective and solutions to become apparent and much clearer as the futures continues to be upon us. Until we meet again, may the grace and sweet communion of the creator be with us all. Respectfully yours, From the Office of the International Chaplain Edna Ravenel aka Mama Tradition]]>