Greetings and Salutations to all Members Worldwide. It is a pleasure and a joy to have this opportunity to address the viewing audience once again, and to have this forum of communication as a medium. Give thanks for our faithful Sister Malieka, who has maintained despite all odds and given the best. We have been motivated by her dedication and fortitude to continue the process. Let us all take a page out of her book of bringing something to the table. At this time I would like to urge all Chaplains to activate their Complaints and Grievances Committee as well as Sick Committee in all locals so that we may start to rid this precious organization of some of the many ills that are totally holding us down as well as causing the organization not to have the attractiveness of drawing the conscious ones into the forefront so that we can move forward for the future.
Also, as International Chaplain, let us not as Chaplains take our roles out of context, so as to pressure members to be overly religious or forcing members to over indulge in practices that may come as sort of an indoctrination or cult type situation. We must seek to only address the moral tone pervading our Local and International Membership.
Remember our Constitution and By-Laws, in each and everything that we do as members of The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, that is our best guide line to follow. Think of what H.I.M would do when we find ourselves in situations where decisions are difficult. Edna Ravenel- Mama Tradition International Chaplain The Ethiopian World Federation, Inc]]>