zulu-basket“We have all the talents amongst us that we need to accomplish any aims, goals and objectives”

In observance of our Traditional Holiday’s, we are looking forward for all Local Chaplains and Members to take heed and do not let any of our Divine Heritage days pass by without taking time and pleasure in researching and applying our best efforts possible in the celebrations.In the past two and half months it has been brought to our attention that the lack of determination and motivation seems to be an absent agent, in the midst of the turmoil that have plagued our organization for much too long.
We must find a way to pass through the needle eye and meet the resistance of economic and social differences that are still a constant reminder of the times that we are living in. We have all of the talents amongst us that we need to accomplish any aims, goals and objectives as prescribed by our constitution and by-laws.With the future being bright and illuminated into the solution patterns, let us not loose focus on the prize. Our youth and the generations not yet born are counting on us for guidance and directions as certain parts of the cultural exchange rest solely on our shoulders, so we must take the baton firmly, so that we will pass it on with much confidence and grace.
Also, on another page it is imperative for all Local Chaplains to make sure that all Complaints and Grievance Committees as well as Sick Committees are active in the Locals; thus allowing Members with issues to properly address these matters; so that there will never be a time when problems mount and no solutions are present. Members, we all need each other in order to do this; so let us keep the focus clear, and the solutions will always be there.
We are looking forward to be in touch with all Local Chaplains to send any mailing addresses along with any e-mails or telephone numbers, so that it will be easier to get information out to the Chaplains whenever necessary. Will all Local Chaplains to please encourage Members to help uplift the organization through the good and welfare that each member can contribute. Keep the prayers of the righteous availing. From the desk of the International Chaplain Edna Ravenel/Mama Tradition