Mosaic“The word is improved communication, ones want to feel more involved in the decision making process” Full blessings to all members worldwide. I give thanks and it is an honour for me to be elected to the office of International Organiser. On coming into office I find most if not all locals are not in good working order. In communicating with a number of Locals and members. the word is improved communication, ones want to feel more involved in the decision making process. For me it is important to develop Locals to function and operate constitutionally to; tag isolated members around the world to active Locals or set up units. It is very important we develop a spirit of ONE NATION Locals are the way to organise groups in the local areas but we must recognise that this is one organisation with one legal identity.

Locals need as far as possible to be keeping at least two business meetings per month, nine members including any elected officers constitute a quorum, who carry out business on behalf of the whole Local membership. It is important to have as many standing committees and units active as possible. Two people or more can constitute a committee or unit. There is no set amount of meetings for Executive committees but I recommend minimum once per month.
The Executive committee should not rule on reports coming in from committees/units or members they should ensure they are constructed correctly including spellings and be orderly not offensive. The reports should then come to the business meeting to be debated by all including elected officers. Reports should describe the activity or action and then have findings e.g. difficulties or things that went well or not with recommendations on the way forward. Constitutionally Locals need to send a copy of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary’s monthly report to the Executive Council after they have been read and discussed by the members. Date and time of regular meetings is also a constitutional requirement along with a list of elected officers with contact details. It is also important to submit a list of monthly active and a financial list of members. Certification: It is important that members realise that certification is not something that will be automatically granted. We are not in receivership at this time so there is no directive from the courts to hold a special election.
The purpose of Certification now is to renew confidence and to allow individuals who are making various claims and disrupting the smooth operations of the Federation to be brought to book. To achieve certification locals will need to ensure all reports and other details mentioned above are sent to the Headquarters on time, also they will need to communicate in writing to the headquarters. All locals will need to be legally tagged to the Corporation with IEN numbers.
If ones study the last court document submitted by Judge Blatters he has set out stringent standards that we will need to satisfy; this is no more than the organisation operating constitutionally. Please if locals or and members can send donations even small amounts to Ethiopia to aid in the improvement of administration also there is a need for a modern telephone, fax answering machine and a photocopier. From the Office of the International Organiser Obadiah Robinson]]>