MosaicOn the 18th December 2008, the International President and the First Vice President met with Attorney Kiesha N. Brooks in New York to discuss the state of the Ethiopian World Federation Inc. It was agreed that Ms Brooks would be retained for the purposes of liaising with the Internal Revenue Service, the New York State Department (Division of Corporation) and the New York State Charities Bureau. The organisation will need to budget for legal fees in respect of the retention of Ms Brooks. Executive Council’s Highlight Report Since October the following activities have been carried out:

  • Eight members of the Executive Council held an International meeting in Bronx, New York on 28th November 2008.
  • The International President visited the UK in October 2008 to meet with Local No. 3 (London) and Local No. 111 (Birmingham).
  • The International President, Organiser and Chaplain visited Jamaica to meet with Local 17 and held a Constitutional Workshop on 7th December.
  • International President visited Dominica in November 2008, to meet with members.
  • The Executive Council held one meetings by conference call.
  • The International President submitted the second Executive Report which included a review of the Organisation.