If you’re a business owner or a regular internet user, it’s important to safeguard your computer protegent antivirus scam from viruses and trojans. A reputable antivirus security program is the best way to do this. There are a lot of products that claim to do this and some of them are scams. Protegent should be avoided.

The commercial opens with a teacher examining inappropriate content on a student’s computer. Then Proto appears. Proto appears and informs her about protegent which is an “empowering” new piece of software that will be able to monitor the activities of students using their computer and send a log to her.

Protegent’s Fish Hunter 360 antivirus household software comes with a number of real-time scanning and optimization tools that improve the cadence of your computer and safeguard you from spyware and adware, scam scratches, and retrieve fallen or deleted data files. It also blocks sites that are not trustworthy to ensure you don’t fall victim to hacker attack.

The antivirus software developed by Unistal is a professional scan engine which will protect your computer from spywares such as rootkits, adwares and Trojan infections viruses. It may also back up and retrieve deleted files as well as defragment your hard drive to enhance performance. Additionally, it operates in the background to improve speeds of upload and download without affecting the performance of your device.