The right secure document management software can help you eliminate manual processes, eliminate human error, and simplify workflows. A unifying document management system will help you go digital, decrease data breaches and ensure that everyone has access to the correct version of a document from anywhere. It’s important to keep in mind that the transition from paper documents to a digital document workflow will require some disruption at the start of implementation however this investment is more than made up for by the productivity gains and improved efficiency that will follow.

The best document management software includes many security features that safeguard files during transport and at rest. They include password protection as well as uniform storage guidelines. For instance a good DMS system can allow you to create secure PDFs using customizable passwords that restrict engagement with documents by requiring the user to enter the correct credentials prior to opening the document. A good DMS can also allow you to define who is able to view and modify certain documents.

A reliable DMS will also automatically back up documents and provide a complete history of version. This is useful if you accidentally delete a document or someone makes harmful changes to it. These features can help comply with compliance standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and FINRA. You’ll be able to avoid fines, license revocations, and criminal liability.