ResistanceArticle from the original Voice of Ethiopia Volume 1, Number 25 Saturday July 17, 1937 Some time ago I wrote in this column that the white race would be looking on to see the failure of the efforts being made by black people here, to assist Ethiopia. I said also that many members of our race had become distrustful of any organization formed by Black people because they had the habit of falling for one reason or another. There are reasons why our efforts to advance often meet with failure – internal quarrels and external opposition. It is necessary therefore that in our attempt to take our proper place in the world, our organizations be intelligently set up and honestly and efficiently administered. Endurance The Black race is capable of keeping alive under the most adverse circumstances. The history of the slave period and after proves this. Here we go on living patiently enduring the shortage of the necessities of life, and continuous toil with no other prospect in view. That is it the Black race expects no improvement in its economic position. The few who have managed to become fairly independent have forsaken the ranks of the down-trodden and exploited race.

The American Indian under pressure from the white race disappeared almost completely. The Black race under greater pressure persists and multiples.
Aggressive Qualities But it is not enough to keep alive, we must advance. Our organizations must have intelligent programs and execute them vigorously and honestly. We have long been fighting more or less successfully a defensive war. We must now change it into an offensive war. We have hitherto been trying to preserve life and limb, now we must go vigorously after the things we need and want.
We can learn a lesson from this Communists without becoming Communists. They go vigorously after the things they want, though I cannot recommend them for a great deal of honesty. They work aggressively, in an organized fashion, and they never give up. Let us observe their methods while holding on to our own purposes
The Resistance of the Blacks To quote from “The real facts about Ethiopia” by J.A. Rogers: Morocco is almost next door to France and the Moroccan terrain is far less difficult that the Ethiopian one, yet France has not been able to wipe out the Moroccan guerillas: after more than thirty years. Again it took the Italians twenty-one years to crush but not entirely to subdue the tribesmen of Cyrenaica who numbered less than 230,000 were almost three thousand miles nearer home, and were far easier to reach than the Ethiopians.”
Some branches of the Black race are not satisfied with passive resistance but carry the fight to the enemy vigorously and unceasingly. They never admit defeat. They will finally succeed.
Ethiopians Abroad We Ethiopians in the western world asked His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I to send us a representative. His Majesty had on three previous occasions sent us representatives asking for men from our ranks to take part in the building of a greater and stronger Ethiopia. We did not heed the call. Now a representative is here on our request, Dr. Malaku E. Bayen, at 2352 Seventh Avenue, New York City U.S.A. We must support him and the Ethiopian Cause.
The Black race must awake from its long sleep, awake to dignity and manliness and strength. This can be done by supporting Ethiopia.