We are happy to announce the successful Convention held at the Adenech Centre St Anns, St Ann Jamaica July 2011. Present during the Convention period were over 40 members from Bronx New York and Hartford Connecticut USA, Birmingham and London UK, St Ann’s, Montego Bay and Kingston Jamaica, Paris and Toulouse France. Also present were a number of guests including Bongo Jerry radio presenter from the University of West Indies Kingston campus and the legendary and musically world renowned Congo’s who lead the Ethiopian Anthem. Meetings took place in open air, thanks to Fire Priest, Israel and Daughter Dean for catering food also other members from Montego Bay and St Ann’s who provided food, roots , cane juice etc. Thanks to Bongo Freddy Chief of Security and Gong St Ann Sergeant at Arms; and Judah D and Iqulah for providing accommodation. Also the International Chaplain and local Chaplains from Local 17 St Ann’s Sis Dean and Local 43 Kingston Bro Drummond for supporting in the carrying out of devotional exercises. The International President Emma Young in her address focussed on the fact that she has been elected President or 1st Vice President continuously since 2005 by over 15 locals; there is a need for improved support for the headquarters, the continued efforts to combat fraud and the need to expand projects and strengthen locals. The President also focussed on the need during this Convention to focus some time on direct planning. Elections of International Officers took place with Emma Young elected                                                   International President Barrymore Tittle                                                            1st International vice President, Trevor Clarke                                                                  2nd International vice President Pauline Anderson                                                          Executive Secretary Vernon Headley                                                             International Treasurer Lloyd Robinson                                                              International Organizer Raymond Topping                                                         International Chaplain   Executive members Devon Hayden, Marie Colas, Ras Igi. A number of important reports covering projects and initiatives to be launched during the next 12 months were given; and finally the next Convention will be in Birmingham UK July 2012. Video and pictures can be seen on clicking on Events then Conventions See the Agenda for Convention 2012 by clicking on Events then Convention]]>