Board Portal is a software application that allows sharing of data, documents and other information in a secure online environment. It typically is a central repository for board materials that is accessible to directors and other stakeholders from anywhere. It also comes with a set of tools that allow directors to interact and collaborate during meetings, leading to better governance and decision-making.

A third-generation portal is designed to be safe user-friendly and accessible from any device. The technology behind it makes preparing for meetings easier and cuts down on the time that the people who manage governance have to search through board books and long email threads. It can even help reduce the number of meetings that need to be scheduled, allowing for more effective use of business resources and a stronger company culture.

A good provider of this type will be aware of the specific needs and issues of a board, and will provide a custom solution that is simple to set up and use. It should also offer comprehensive support, including training and documentation for novice users. Finally, it will offer an affordable pricing structure to ensure that the solution can be implemented and used within the budgetary limitations of the business. A reliable supplier will improve the productivity and effectiveness of the boardroom and governance function. It will also help boards remain agile and responsive in a volatile world.