A boardroom app is a paper-free board management tool that enhances collaboration and speeds decision-making. It offers a centralized cloud platform for board members and senior executives to upload, access board meeting online software edit, share and download board materials on any device. It can be configured to meet the specific security requirements of a company that includes BYOD policies, and allows for easy connection to the system and synchronization. It should also come with industry-leading features that ensure security and privacy for directors’ devices and their personal data.

A renowned board meeting application provides a consistent mobile experience for all devices, no regardless of the operating system used or the size of the screen. The software includes a wide variety of features, including synced annotations and notes documents, signatures and editing, on-the go meetings and approvals and managing tasks. It also provides an intuitive user interface and is compatible with a range of hardware.

BoardPad Pty Limited is one of Australia’s largest companies for administration of employee share plans. It has a solid history of providing cutting-edge technology in the ASX share registry market, and is dedicated to delivering the best-in-class service through innovation, simplicity and collaboration. It is accessible on iOS and Windows 8 to accommodate a range of IT environments. The app also offers the ability to use an external keyboard or mouse to improve efficiency, as well as support for English, German and Russian. It’s an integral part of Origin’s employee engagement strategy, helping to improve communication and participation in the program.